Top 100 Use Cases Announced

Top 100 Submission to be awarded

The top 100 submissions will get  100,000 on presenting proof of concept or demonstrable product/solution. 

All shortlisted will also get complimentary space at India Mobile Congress 2020 – the biggest digital technology platform in Asia, which will be hosted in New Delhi in October 2021.

Phase-wise awards

Shortlisted candidates will be awarded at different levels. It is possible for the same submission to be awarded at each level. For example, an applicant can be awarded when shortlisted in the top 100, then awarded when shortlisted in top 10, 11-20 or 21-30.

So, any given submission has the chance to win prize money in each phase, in addition to various benefits that will be provided. Information on phase-wise awards has been given below.

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